Tanaya believes people should laugh heartily, think deeply, and enjoy themselves while they're here. She maintains doing that through a wide variety of interests centered on creating engaging video content through storytelling, humor, and enthusiasm. At the age of fifteen, she got her first job shooting and editing local events. She decided to continue learning to hone her crafts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she received a Bachelor's in Film & Video Production. 
In addition to her collegiate experience, she's received training for comedic improvisation at the renowned UCB Comedy as a supplement to her writing and content. In her fifteen years of professional experience, she has been able to put her personal stamp on every project that she's touched from film, television, and commercials to virtual reality, video games, and music videos. These experiences have taught her multi-varied skills that she utilizes in any role that she fills which includes acting, voice acting, producing, writing, shooting, editing, graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, talent acquisition, and photography.  
When she's not curating content for commerce, web/digital, television or film for clients, she's managing her own business as a comedic performer, community manager, and wellness coach for her social platforms. She also voice acts for a podcast called Adventum, a D&D Tabletop RPG audio narrative. By and large, her main aim in life is to give back in some way through the 4 C's: community, charity, comedy, and care. Overall, she wants to ensure that people find avenues for betterment in all facets of life and advocates that in all that she chooses to pursue. 
Currently she resides in Los Angeles where she works as a Swiss Army Knife for various companies like RocktheBells, JubileeMedia, FujiFilm, and most recently as a Creative Producer at G4TV/NBC Universal for Development. Feel free to connect with her about potential professional opportunities on her 'Contact' page. Brand partnerships are also welcome if interested in promoting on her TikTok, Instagram, or Twitch pages. Please check her 'Media Kit' for social metrics.